Bluecore Teams Up With Magento Commerce To Equip Retailers With Enhanced Opportunities For Personalized Customer Interactions

New Retail Intelligence Offering Will Activate Retailers’ Live Product Sets, Use Insights to Pair Products and Communications with Customers

March 20, 2018

New York, NY (March 20, 2018) – Bluecore, an AI-driven retail marketing platform that brings together website, customer and live product insights to match customers with the products they love, today announced its technology partnership with Magento Commerce. Together, Magento and Bluecore will equip merchants with new opportunities to interact with their customers through individualized communications deployed directly from the Magento platform. The new offering is now available in Magento Marketplace.

Magento offers a strong portfolio of open, cloud-based omnichannel solutions, including in-store, retail associate and order management, allowing merchants to successfully integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. Bluecore will complement the Magento platform’s existing technology by introducing new and relevant opportunities for customer interactions and a streamlined approach to driving more sales and more repeat purchases.

The partnership will empower retailers to build targeted audience segments and campaigns based on customer behaviors and live product data. Bluecore will also power trigger messaging in response to common eCommerce retail events, such as product price drops, pending customer churn and abandoned site searches.

“Magento is an ideal partner for Bluecore, as their platform addresses a number of evolving retail needs and caters to retailers who are already committed to customer-centric experiences,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore. “This collaboration will help Magento merchants to drive more revenue through product catalog based personalization. This pairing will set a new industry standard for marketing in retail.”  

Additionally, Bluecore will provide Magento retailers with product-informed insights and recommended actions based on predicted customer attributes, such as price sensitivities, product and category affinities and predicted customer lifetime value.

The Bluecore solution prioritizes fast and easy implementation with simple integrations and minimal development work as well as an intuitive user experience for retail and eCommerce marketers.

About Bluecore:
Bluecore is an AI-driven retail marketing platform that brings together website, customer and live product insights to match customers with the products they love. By activating dynamic product data for the first time, Bluecore’s email marketing solution solves the missing piece of the performance puzzle: The ability to respond to customer behaviors with triggered and individualized communication.  Hundreds of brands and retailers, including Teleflora, Vineyard Vines, Staples and Best Buy Canada, use Bluecore to drive increased revenue with less effort by connecting customers to the products they’ll love. Learn more at

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