Bluecore Introduces Live Segments
Email For Ecommerce Marketers

Retailers reshape email marketing programs
around automated segmentation & personalization

September 10, 2015

Today, Bluecore introduced Live Segments, marketing automation software that fundamentally improves the process for both segmenting large promotional email lists and implementing behavioral data to create personalized communications. Built on top of the Bluecore automated data engine, Live Segments ensure marketers retain control over key elements like email creative and program strategy, while automating the labor intensive processes around segmentation, data analysis and product recommendations.

In a recent survey of eCommerce marketers, more than 70% of respondents acknowledged that extracting actionable, revenue-producing insight from marketing data is “moderate-to-very difficult.” Email marketers know these challenges all too well, commonly enduring a slow and manual process involving multiple employees across marketing, merchandising, design and IT departments to send a single, large-volume email. Given the cost of employee time and lost productivity, sending one weekly email with an industry average conversion rate of one percent leads to disastrous ROI.

Live Segments enables marketers to segment email lists ranging from 1,000 into the millions based on multiple customer behavior inputs and create truly personalized, large volume email sends in a matter of seconds. It is common for eCommerce marketers to send weekly category best-seller email to large lists, requiring days of work to segment lists, access behavioral data, pull in product recommendations and coordinate delivery through an email service provider.

With Live Segments, lists are segmented and individual product recommendations inserted in seconds, leveraging the Bluecore engine to query data and return results in orders of magnitude faster than existing technologies. Marketers can generate high volume sends that incorporate an individual’s past browse and purchase behavior in seconds, eliminating hours and days of costly manual labor. In the end, customers receive more personalized, timely email communications that drive open and conversion rates similar to those of a triggered email program.

“Near ubiquitous Internet connectivity and mobile devices have created a new breed of customers who expect retailers to deliver personalized communications without any lag,” said Fayez Mohamood, CEO of Bluecore. “The addition of Live Segments will finally enable marketers to produce segmentation and personalization based on individual customer behavioral data, creating bulk sends where each email is truly unique.”

To date, Bluecore has enabled more than 150 top retail brands including Staples, Express, and Cabelas to create triggered emails in seconds, based on both customer behaviors and product catalog changes. The Bluecore email product suite now brings data automation to the full scope of email marketing programs, including Dynamic Lifecycle Emails like Post Purchase, traditional Abandonment emails like Cart and Search, Product Catalog notifications around New Merchandise and Out Of Stock, and lastly Live Segments for the automation and personalization of retailer’s large-volume email sends.

Additional details about Live Segments is available on the Bluecore blog.

About Bluecore
Bluecore enables eCommerce marketers to create and distribute personalized emails with the speed and precision not previously possible, dynamically reacting to customer behaviors and catalog changes in seconds. With more than 120 customers representing more than 150 high-end apparel, electronics, automotive and consumer brands, Bluecore delivers customer engagement and conversion at rates that defy industry standards. Bluecore is one of New York City’s fastest growing start-ups, recently closing a Series A round led by FirstMark Capital.

*Source: Blue Nile Research for Whitepaper – Email Mindshift: The Truth About Triggered Email Programs

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