Global Athletic Footwear & Apparel Retailer Kicks Digital Marketing Into High Gear with Bluecore

How Bluecore helped one global athletic retailer put marketing in control, make data actionable and improve channel performance.


Lift on clicks for personalized content


Increase in sales from Facebook prospecting

“Prior to Bluecore, we didn’t have adequate access to our consumer data. We weren’t able to easily manipulate it or draw actions from it. We realized Bluecore could not only help us solve this problem, but that Bluecore’s flexible and easy-to-use interface would allow us to keep our marketing campaigns where they should be – within the marketing department, not IT."

Putting Marketing in Control

Bluecore allows the retailer to build audiences and launch personalized campaigns via email, social or onsite in minutes — all without the need to task IT.

Making Data Actionable

With Bluecore, the retailer's marketing team can easily gather customer data about online activity in real-time and sync information across channels in order to run intelligent and coordinated multi-channel campaigns.

Improving Channel Performance

Since implementing Bluecore, the retailer has significantly increased opens, clicks and conversions on targeted campaigns, including a 130% increase in sales when using Bluecore compared to native Facebook prospecting.

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